Monday, March 20, 2017


1.To tell students that they have to keep their grades up so they have a good GPA because they said “grade point average in high school not only indicates the person's chances of getting into college and whether he or she will finish college or graduate school. It could also be an indicator of how much that person will
earn later in life.”
2. To be better in life and get a good paying job, and to get into a good college that is worth going to and to just be better in life."A one unit increase in your GPA has a very sizable impact on your education
and earnings”
3. Just to have good grades so you can go to the college of your choice and to be in general better in life .”Indeed, for a one point increase in a person's high school GPA, average annual earnings in adulthood increased by about 12 percent for men and about 14 percent for women, the report found.”

Monday, March 13, 2017


1.Just to have a chance to go to college.
2.To show people how the military is to the students
3.It will help you in the further and shows you skills to use.

Monday, March 6, 2017


I agree with this 100% because I totally understand why they do that because they want to get to know you more than what you're telling them so they know you're not lying they just want to know how you act and how you are if your mean to people or you post pictures at parties and everything,Really all they're doing is checking what you do on social media how you act without lying.
Yes because some kids just want to have a laugh and don’t really care how they're hurting someone’s feelings or if that person they bullied hurt themselves because what they said or did on the internet. So I totally agree with why colleges want to look at what kids that applied for their school’s are doing on there social media.
They really aren’t teaching us how life is gonna be when you get out of high school there teaching us about the periodic table and formulas for science that we won't need to use unless you go into science as a career or a teacher I guess.They don’t do anything to help us prepare for the real world, they teach us that happen a long long time ago and we don’t need to know everything we need to know stuff about the real world what would we do out there.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Adult Life

1.If the cost was 640 then each roommate would pay 320 a month.
2.  A. One phone would cost $45 a month
    B.  A new 2017 Ford Raptor or and 2017 Ford gt   
    C.   Around $45 dollars each month
   D.For insurance to get it fully covered is around $160
   E.Pay for ever visit I make to the doctor's office and after hours
   F. Around $150 maybe or like $100 so $50 dollars each or $75 each
   G.Winter months the heat would go up so around $150 so $75 each month and the during summer air conditioners would be around $100 so $50 dollars each month for each person.
H. I would just use stuff that my father would buy
I.Around $100 dollars each month because I eat a lot
J.Pay for Netflix so $8.00 dollars a month and I already have a flat screen tv.
K.Around $35 dollars for stuff that I would need for the house
3. You could run out of money you could not have money to buy anything. To pay bills like heat and it get’s cut off so you are cold and you could get frostbite.So everything you see your parents doing just because they make it easy don’t mean it is easy they just had more time and experince then you do at the age your at now.

Monday, February 20, 2017


  1. I would want to be an SVU Detective for sexual assaults because I want to put the people who do these horrible crimes in prison so they are off the streets doing them horrible things to people not things actually people it makes me sick. I’m very driven to putting nasty bad people in jail trying to make the world a safer place and I think I would be very value to the force because I would be driven every case and I will be the one that wants all the evidence  and not just what people say because first they could be lying and advice don’t lie.
Here’s the link of my SVU slayer

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


  1. I think it’s argumentative because it is really is giving a recipe that someone made and it’s their opinion on how to cook that recipe and someone else might have a different way that they like serving to people and eating themselves.
  2. They used description because they described what you had to put into the natural sunflower seed butter things so you can make them like they told you to be healthy and stay using that recipes because they think that’s the very best recipe out there that's healthy and good.
  3. Self-driving cars because who wouldn’t want a car that will drive itself and all you gotta do is sit back and rest when you have a self-driving car.


  1. Non-fiction is where it’s based on facts and events that happened in real life. Ex: When someone from WW2 tells the story and tells you real life events that happened.
  2. I have really no clue why they did that, I think it’s because we can just take are time in that subject and learn about non-fiction more because during school we would need to means we need facts and real life events.
  3. How to be healthy by eating natural sunflower seed butter. I decide to go with this article because I like sunflower seeds plus food both things that I love together might as well use this article. Just the title grabbed my attention.