Monday, May 22, 2017


Recap from last week for the lollipop effect is I choose my mom and dad because they are always tried so I did the dishes and made dinner which my mom always does and I did the yard work and took care of my dad’s lunch pail.
1.When he talks about social media can help how we communicate because we can make new friends and meet new people by just posting something, asking how everyone’s feeling just by one post. When people followed him that gave him a purpose kinda to keep going and set a good example to kids that looked up to him that you can still have fun and not do dangerous stuff and when you get older you can still be fun even if a dad.
2.Shaun likes to skateboard and snowboard. He is passionate about adventure and living life to its fullest. I’m VERY passionate about basketball, basketball is my main passion I really don’t care about anything but just begin on that court. Another one is just helping people and trying to help someone with their problems and I always ask someone that looks down are you ok because I don’t want people to feel down I just love to make people smile because I am just a smiley person myself.
3.The two parts are creative and customer. When you make something and post it everyone can see it and most people enjoy watching it and having a good laugh at your stupid stunts or you just being you and doing something really cool like skydiving, plus they can comment below your video and tell you how they feel and tell you what you could do next time for a further video. They actually could boost the self of esteem for yourself by commenting nice stuff below your video and saying keep up the good job and I love your videos don’t stop doing these kind of videos.
4. The rainforest story was about the frog.  The animals didn’t think the frog was a threat and they really doubt the only one of the frogs made it. Just in my opinion don’t listen to what people tell you that is very negative just be you and never let anyone and that means ANYONE get to your self of stream about yourself because at the end of the day there probably tearing you down because they feel bad about themselves and somones probably tearing them down and saying all those mean things to them.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Student Choice

  1. When my english teacher changed my point of view of teachers at the high school just by being very nice and just a fun teacher. I kinda did today but I really didn´t get into it really deep so you can say I kinda did.
  2. That we can impact someone’s life and we haven’t notice or know that we have impacted their life in that way, and are deepest fear is letting that one person down.
        I kinda agree when people really look up to your and then you impact someone’s life. If someone looked up to me and I impacted their life so much that someone would do anything to get my approval on stuff and don’t care what happens just to be cool and be friends with me then that’s ok with them but I don’t agree with that at all.

Monday, May 8, 2017


  1. What makes a book classic is when the book has some age to it and when a lot of people know about the book, for example Green Eggs and Ham people know about it and it was published August 12, 1960 and people today in 2017 still read it to their children because Dr.Seuss could really make a great book that people really enjoy reading.
  2. A general law, rule, principle, or criterion by which something is judged.
  One book that is considered a canon is the bible because someone wrote it and some people don’t think that stuff is real that God wrote and some people do believe he wrote it himself and some people think someone else in the world did.
3.No I don’t think books should be banned because there are a lot of good books and there’s books that help you understand history and what people went through way back then and even now. A lot of people write books about how fame changed them or how it was growing up for them and how had they worked to get to where they are now. Some reason why people banned Challenged, but retained in a Warm Springs, VA High School (1995) English class. Banned from the Washington Junior High School curriculum in Peru, IL (1997) because it was deemed "age inappropriate." and Banned from the George County, MS schools (2002) because of profanity. Challenged in the Normal, IL Community High Schools (2003) because the books contains "racial slurs, profanity, violence, and does not represent traditional values." An alternative book, Steinbeck's The Pearl, was offered but rejected by the family challenging the novel.  The committee then recommended The House on Mango Street and The Way to Rainy Mountain as alternatives.

Monday, March 20, 2017


1.To tell students that they have to keep their grades up so they have a good GPA because they said “grade point average in high school not only indicates the person's chances of getting into college and whether he or she will finish college or graduate school. It could also be an indicator of how much that person will
earn later in life.”
2. To be better in life and get a good paying job, and to get into a good college that is worth going to and to just be better in life."A one unit increase in your GPA has a very sizable impact on your education
and earnings”
3. Just to have good grades so you can go to the college of your choice and to be in general better in life .”Indeed, for a one point increase in a person's high school GPA, average annual earnings in adulthood increased by about 12 percent for men and about 14 percent for women, the report found.”

Monday, March 13, 2017


1.Just to have a chance to go to college.
2.To show people how the military is to the students
3.It will help you in the further and shows you skills to use.

Monday, March 6, 2017


I agree with this 100% because I totally understand why they do that because they want to get to know you more than what you're telling them so they know you're not lying they just want to know how you act and how you are if your mean to people or you post pictures at parties and everything,Really all they're doing is checking what you do on social media how you act without lying.
Yes because some kids just want to have a laugh and don’t really care how they're hurting someone’s feelings or if that person they bullied hurt themselves because what they said or did on the internet. So I totally agree with why colleges want to look at what kids that applied for their school’s are doing on there social media.
They really aren’t teaching us how life is gonna be when you get out of high school there teaching us about the periodic table and formulas for science that we won't need to use unless you go into science as a career or a teacher I guess.They don’t do anything to help us prepare for the real world, they teach us that happen a long long time ago and we don’t need to know everything we need to know stuff about the real world what would we do out there.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Adult Life

1.If the cost was 640 then each roommate would pay 320 a month.
2.  A. One phone would cost $45 a month
    B.  A new 2017 Ford Raptor or and 2017 Ford gt   
    C.   Around $45 dollars each month
   D.For insurance to get it fully covered is around $160
   E.Pay for ever visit I make to the doctor's office and after hours
   F. Around $150 maybe or like $100 so $50 dollars each or $75 each
   G.Winter months the heat would go up so around $150 so $75 each month and the during summer air conditioners would be around $100 so $50 dollars each month for each person.
H. I would just use stuff that my father would buy
I.Around $100 dollars each month because I eat a lot
J.Pay for Netflix so $8.00 dollars a month and I already have a flat screen tv.
K.Around $35 dollars for stuff that I would need for the house
3. You could run out of money you could not have money to buy anything. To pay bills like heat and it get’s cut off so you are cold and you could get frostbite.So everything you see your parents doing just because they make it easy don’t mean it is easy they just had more time and experince then you do at the age your at now.